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ANIMATOR / ILLUSTRATOR / DESIGNER / (860) 408-1317 / (860) 308-0578
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 * Animator of Concert Screen Projection:  The band, Men On The Border,  screened my animated film, "Lucifer Sam" as a backdrop to their version of the song, in a Jumpstart (webcast concert) on June 14th, 2019. (Film starts at 32:00)

Animator of Concert Screen Projection:   Created concert animation shown as an upstage screen projection, in conjunction with the song, "Lucifer Sam",  played by P-Floyd (from Sweden), one of the world's foremost Pink Floyd tribute bands, winner of the 2018 Surrogate Bands Pink Floyd Cover Contest.

*   Adjunct Faculty Instructor: Contract with Manchester Community College , (Manchester, CT),  teaching Animation Foundation, using traditional methods and Adobe Animate to instruct the 12 principles of animation as they are utilized in game design and other media. (Fall 2015 – Fall 2018)

Animator / Character Designer: Contracted with The Machine Tree (Rocky Hill, CT), to design characters and animation for children’s education and entertainment (June, 2011 – current)

Motion Graphic Designer: Contracted with ESPN, (Bristol, CT) to prepare images (headshots and actionshots of 2014 NCAA college basketball men and women, college football, NASCAR, MLS, NFL, NBA for SportsCenter and specific sports broadcasts. Also created animated transitions for NCAA women's basketball and US Open golf for men, women and seniors. In addition designed and animated an intro, Bracket Zoo, for 2014 NCAA basketball on SportsCenter. Plus, created and designed transitions for the 2014 College World Series. (February 2014 – October 2014)

*  Animation Designer: Contracted with Firesite Films (New London ,CT), to design characters for animation sequences in a historical documentary about privateering in Fells Point, Maryland during the War of 1812. (April, 2014 – June 2014)                                   

 * Animator / Caricaturist: Contracted with Fountainhead Productions, LLC (CT), to design caricatures and an animated title sequence for a TV sports talk show, “The Junkies” (December 2012 –April 2013)

* Animator / Designer: Contracted with Left Brain Games (Torrington, CT), to design layouts, backgrounds, characters and icons for a children’s online game for ( (January, 2011 – June, 2011)

* Animator / Designer: Contracted with Left Brain Games (Torrington, CT), to design layouts, backgrounds, characters and icons for a children’s online game and social online games (YOU University). ( (April, 2010 – June, 2010)

* Lead Animator / Character Design: Contracted with Xeko Games (Atlanta, GA) to design and animate 2D characters for children’s online games (March, 2010 – September, 2010)      

* Lead Animator / Character Designs: Contracted with MonkeyTrap Games (Austin, TX), to design characters, game pieces, backgrounds, layouts for XBOX Old Spice Racers, a 2D side scrolling game coupled with local and online multi-player game. ( (August, 2008-February, 2010)

* Lead Animator / Backgrounds / Layouts: Contracted with MediaTavern, LLC (Norwalk, CT), to animate and create backgrounds and layouts for a pilot animated show for FOX TV and, “My Brother’s Keeper”, created by Pete Michels, of FOX TV ( ( (July, 2009-August, 2009)

* Lead Animator / Storyboards / Illustrator: Contracted with MediaTavern, LLC, (Norwalk, CT) to storyboard and animate a series of DVDs foe a children’s travel series, and illustrated children’s books, “Beyond the Moon With Luna”, and “Get Ready To Fly with Chipper” for (winner of iParenting Media Award). ( ( (January, 2007 – February, 2010, for the entire contract with MediaTavern)

Designed and animated several internal corporate marketing programs for United Healthcare of Hartford, CT.

Designed and animated character in Mediatavern intro sequence (winner of the International Davey Award in Interactive Media ). The real life character Louis, turns into a 2D animated character as well as a Picasso inspired painting.(Designed and animated)…( index.html)

Character Animator / Character Design / Storyboards: 360KID, (Boston, MA) contracted to design, storyboard and animate an educational short to describe the human muscular system, for Kids ( (September 2006 – December 2006)

* Animation Director / Lead Animator:  PolkaDot Place, Inc. Canton, CT (March, 2005 – March, 2006) Contracts / Projects

* Character Animator: Dr. Joe Picture This Show, (Hartford, CT) (September, 2004 – December, 2004)

Character Animator: 10 Robot Industries, (Winsted, CT) (July, 2004 – September, 2004)

Character Animator: World Famous Pictures, (NYC), “Shorties Watchin’ Shorties” on Comedy Central, ( Season 1: Episode 13 (July, 2003 – September, 2003) 

Character Animator: Backgrounds, Storyboards: Virtual Persuasion, (Fairfield, CT) (October, 2002 – May, 2004)

* Character Animator: Animobile/Hyperion, (Los Angeles,CA) (March, 2002 – July, 2002)

Character Animator: Curious Pictures, (NYC) (September, 2001 – December, 2001)

* Character Production: Wholesome Products, Inc.(San Francisco, CA) (May, 2001 – August, 2001)

Character Animator: Imaginengine, Inc.,(San Francisco, CA) (March, 2001 – May, 2001)

* Senior Animator / Lead Animator: Enluminent, Inc. / eStudio Fremont, CA (November, 2000 – March, 2001)  Animated several web-isodes of the Kelsey Grammer, web series, "Gary the Rat"

* Character Animator: Spazzco (San Francisco CA) (September, 2000 – November, 2000)

* Animator/Designer: Pacific Data Images (Palo Alto, CA) (October, 2000 – November, 2000)

* Character Designer: (San Francisco, CA) (October, 2000)

Character Animator: (Los Angeles, CA) (September, 2000)

Character Animator: Pacific Data Images (Palo Alto, CA) (August, 2000 – September, 2000) - co-animated the short, "Steven's Dream", narrated and written by Steven Spielberg

* Lead Animator / Character Designer: Spunky Productions, Inc. San Francisco, CA (July, 1999 – July, 2000)       

* Key Framer/In-Betweener/Clean-Up: Wild Brain, Inc.(San Francisco, CA) (May, 1999 – June, 1999)

* Clean-Up/Inbetweener : Internship at Curious Pictures, (San Francisco, CA) (April, 1999)

AWARDS:    was part of an award winning team (Media Tavern, Norwalk CT) for the following:

                      iParenting Media Outstanding Product Award - 2008    

                      Davey Award - 2008   Best in Show  (Interactive Multimedia, Self-Promotion)

TECHNICAL:      Adobe Flash and Animate , AfterEffects, Photoshop, Illustrator,

                             2D Traditional  Animation

EDUCATION:     Bachelor of Fine Arts - Academy of Art University -  San Francisco, CA

                             Bachelor of University Studies - University of Connecticut -  Storrs, CT

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